We support your ideas and help you succeed in shaping the future of innovation !

Supported by more than 25 years of technological expertise and business know how, we assist talented entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and maximize their chance of success.

Naturally focused on the task of business development, young entrepreneurs need support in order to achieve the required software application environment on which their innovative idea can rely.
Astek Startup Program helps start-ups to take off, as part of stake acquisitions, by providing them with the technical resources that are necessary for their development:

  • At the Front-Office end: a dedicated and responsive team for customized and personalized solutions. This team, built around engineers who acquired robust experience in the Silicon Valley, accompanied with major e-commerce leaders, is able to integrate technical, business and marketing affairs in order to fine-tune your projects and needs.

  • At the Back-Office end: offshore development teams, fluent in French and English, are made up of experienced programmers that have solid references in e-commerce solutions.

Your project is managed by the Front-Office, which handles the various steps of the project: from scope statement definition to methodological and technical advice while including strategic and business considerations. Depending on the context, especially for smallers projects, direct fast-track management by the Back-Office team can be set-up.

Our vision of innovation, our extremely flexible management and our commitment to your success are all valuable assets to ensure both rapid market penetration and a rapid growth.