Outdoor training simulator, embedded in vehicle with Augmented Reality


MBDA has developed digital simulations for all its weapon systems which help during the development phase to qualify and validate the technical performances.


This comprehensive set of simulation tools and services covers :

  • Concept Phase, for requirement analysis / studies and concept optimization

  • Development Phase, for performance guarantee and risk mitigation

  • Integration Phase, for integration and system validation

  • In service Use, for technical and tactical training


MPCV (Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle) is the latest generation of high firepower weapon system, specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements for both ground-based air defence operations at very short range.

SESAME is an augmented reality simulator able to add virtual events in a real environnent, i.e. targets, explosions, smoke, fogs, sounds,… This outdoor training simulator is embedded in MPCV vehicle with Augmented Reality.


Astek took in charge the design, development and integration of the SESAME simulator with a focus on the 3D GUI and Front End modules.