The Group

As a major leader in innovation and high‐tech engineering consulting, Astek accompanies its clients in the creation and development of their new products and services.

Over 25 years of experience have made Astek a key partner of the world's largest industrial and services groups: Airbus, Amadeus, Air France, Areva, Alstom, BNP, CNES, EDF, MBDA, Safran, Thales, Total...

Strongly attached to common values, the men and women working for Astek support our clients’ development strategies by delivering uniquely tailored solutions to face their challenges. 


In a changing world, technological innovation is the key to meeting the challenges of tomorrow and consolidate one’s position in a competitive economic environment.

Astek has been providing IT and Engineering solutions for more than 25 years to some of the world’s largest industrial and services groups in the Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Ground Transportation, Finance, Healthcare, Travel and Telecoms sectors.

By designing and developing the products and services of tomorrow, building and ensuring the optimum use of their investments throughout the life cycle, coordinating and executing the realization of their projects and infrastructure: our 2500 Engineers are committed to address these challenges with their creative vision, know-how, methodologies and conviction.

From technology consulting to workpackages management, Astek offers different service levels to provide the most suitable organisation to face its clients’ challenges. Our multi business and multi sectorial positioning places us at the heart of digital convergence.

Located as close as possible to its clients, Astek operates in over 12 countries throughout Europe, APAC, Middle East and the Americas. As a strategic partner, Astek offers its clients global project support while guaranteeing a consistent level of service alongside a commitment to excellence.


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